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In conventional times, Trump might have been one of the worst presidents we ever had; but in these most unconventional times, he may be the best president we to do it.” Most conservatives did not see Trump in 2016 as a man defending America.This was in large part because they did not see that America was in need of defending.Trump exposed this threat by standing up to it and its enforcement arm, political correctness.Indeed, he made it his business to kick political correctness in the groin on a regular basis.Trump’s wall was not so much about keeping foreigners out as it was a commitment to a distinctive country; immigration, free trade, and foreign policy were about protecting our own.In all these policies, Trump was raising the question, “Who are we as a nation?I realize the term “multiculturalism” is somewhat dated, but I mean to freshen it up by using it in its most comprehensive sense—as a political philosophy.Multiculturalism conceives of society as a collection of cultural identity groups, each with its own worldview, all oppressed by white males, collectively existing within permeable national boundaries.

He showed us that multiculturalism, like slavery in the 1850’s, is an existential threat.What she called the “deplorables” were the “anti-multiculturalists.” She was saying, in effect, that she did not recognize the “deplorables” as fellow citizens, and they were, as far as she was concerned, not part of the regime she proposed to lead.Perhaps Trump’s most effective answer to Clinton’s and the Democrats’ multiculturalism was his attacks on political correctness, both before and after the election.Many conservatives did not see that Trump had framed the 2016 election as a choice between two mutually exclusive regimes: multiculturalism and America.What I call “multiculturalism” includes “identity politics” and “political correctness.” If multiculturalism continues to worm its way into the public mind, it will ultimately destroy America.Trump scolded Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish on the campaign trail.He pointed out that on 9/11 some Muslims cheered the collapse of the twin towers. blasts, when taken in aggregate, represent a commitment to America’s bourgeois culture, which is culturally “Judeo-Christian,” insists on having but one language and one set of laws, and values: among other things, loyalty, practical experience, self-reliance, and hard work. Odd as it may sound, he was telling us how to live a worthy life.Trump said these things at a time when they were the most needful things to say, and he said them as only he could, with enough New York “attitude” to jolt the entire country.Then, to add spicy mustard to the pretzel, he identified the media as not just anti-truth, but anti-American.” He answered by being Trump, a man made in America, unmistakably and unapologetically American, and like most of his fellow citizens, one who does not give a hoot what Europeans or intellectuals think.Clinton, in the other corner, was the great disdainer, a citizen not of America but of the world: a postmodern, entitled elitist who was just more of Obama, the man who contemptuously dismissed America’s claim to being exceptional.

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