Vermicomposting Business Plan Long Term Business Plan

Some of the materials that can be used for the preparation of compost bedding are excreta of cattle, poultry, sheep, goat, rabbit, and pigs.

Apart from this fresh food scraps such as food prep waste, food processing wastes, peels of vegetable and fruits, seaweeds, animal carcasses, and legume hays.

It includes animal excreta, kitchen waste, farm residues, and forest litter etc.

In general, animal dung mostly cow dung and dried chopped crop residues are the key raw materials.

In nature, the organic matter breaks down and decomposed by worms, bacteria, and fungi.

Based on the high-end trend of vermicompost technology it is getting increasingly popular among local entrepreneurs for the reason that it is considered profitable maximizes the yield.Worms speed up the process as they are voracious eaters and generate excreta giving a rich organic soil.Good bedding materials are important for the growth and reproduction of worms, under favorable conditions they reproduce and convert the organic matter into the beneficial soil.An aspiring entrepreneur having knowledge about the manufacturing process can initiate a vermicompost organic fertilizer production business.The unit can be established with moderate capital investment in small scale in their own backyard also.High-end market in urban areas due to the popularity of organically grown farm produce among the rich residing in posh villages and other high-end residential areas.99led by Rupak Chakrabarty is committed to helping beginners, entrepreneurs and small business owners in starting, managing and growing their business.A decomposable matter such as farmyard manure, kitchen waste, sewage sludge, farm residues is some of the common materials used.Shredded newspaper, carton boxes, paper mill sludge are also some of the materials used in commercial composting.After two days compost can be separated and sieved for bagging and use.Vermicompost organic fertilizer production business has good sale potential over a range of crops i.e.

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