Various Case Studies Of Implementation Of Lean Manufacturing At Industries Brown Essays

I was involved with lean manufacturing for approximately four years when I was hired at X-Corp as a senior lean manufacturing engineer. I came on board as a permanent employee in January, intending to be one of the organization's main drivers of lean manufacturing.

The company had a new plant manager who had a strong desire to implement lean on the production floor.

The interview was conducted at a case study company with two managers who have very wide experience in conducting lean manufacturing implementation in the automotive industry.

The finding shows that this case study company used the project approach in their early stage of implementing lean manufacturing projects.

I was invited to the meeting because I was the lead lean engineer on the upcoming projects.

The plant manager explained that the consulting firm would send its top advisers to the plant during the weeks we were to have kaizen events (improvement projects).

The following is an excerpt from Lessons from a Lean Consultant, by Chris Ortiz.

It is reprinted here with permission from Pearson Education; Copyright 2008. Sometimes, even the terminology is confusing, including a phrase in the... The best way to clarify is to say that a lean journey has multiple lean implementations that take place throughout an organization.

This research presents a case study of lean manufacturing implementation in Malaysian automotive components manufacturer.

Semistructured interview and open-ended questionnaire were used to investigate on how to successfully implement lean manufacturing in Malaysia manufacturing industry.

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