Vandalism Essay Stpm

The term ‘vandalism’ takes its genesis from the Vandals (an ancient Germanic people) who developed mailed cavalry and who were armed with long spears and bows.

The term vandalism was invented in 1794 by Henri Gregoire, the Bishop of Blois, to describe the destruction characteristic of the extreme phase of terror .

Vandalism “Vandalize is to deliberately damage things, especially public property” (Longman Active Study Dictionary- Elizabeth Manning).

Not deliberately destroying things or damaging private (your own) property may not be considered as vandalism.

The disliking of the writing on the walls by ordinary people has allowed for anti-graffiti laws to be created by politicians with little fuss and usually with the public’s support.

In turn, the creators of the writing have become outlaws, simply because of the criminalization of the public act of getting up their names and messages.

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