Valentine Writing Paper

These can be used for other languages or other writing styles, such as D’nealian. Despite the holiday's mysterious and puzzling roots, it is obvious that people have observed St. The famed London diarist Samuel Pepys mentioned observances of the day in the mid-1600s, complete with elaborate gift-giving among the wealthier members of society.At that time the romantic missives would have been handwritten, on ordinary writing paper.

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This printable set of picture word cards includes 11 Valentine related words: heart, candy box, chocolate, rose, hug, kiss, doily, card, envelopes, mailbox, mail carrier.

There are more sets for other themes and holidays on the Picture Word Cards page. Here are some ways you can use these picture-word cards and display them in the classroom. Kids can take the words out of the pocket chart to take to the table if they want to copy the word on their paper.

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