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The projects will take place within the Informatics Institute, but with personnel involvement of the Leibniz Center for Law.A round-up of the new NWO grants: DL4LD or Data Logistics for Logistics Data: The proposed research (2 Ph D students, 1 Post-doc) focuses on 1) the design and implementation of capabilities that are required for creating value-rich logistic information services and 2) creation of innovative solutions that allow stakeholders to agree on how data is stored, accessed, shared and transformed in a controllable, enforceable, accountable, auditable and goal-oriented fashion.Add comment During the summer holidays, the Leibniz Center for Law moved, together with the rest of the Faculty of Law, to a new location in the Roeterseiland campus of the University of Amsterdam.

In this capacity, we participate in many (inter)national research initiatives and maintain strong ties to the international research community and government agencies.Their grades list demonstrate of their knowledge and ambition, their master thesis of their ability to continue with a Ph D research in Computer Science. Tom van Engers, Email: [email protected] comment The University of Amsterdam has been awarded a grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for the Security Autonomous Response NETworks project (SARNET).This project falls under the NWO Cyber Security programme, which seeks to increase the security of our digital society while at the same time addressing privacy concerns.A ‘Certificate of Conduct for Natural Persons (VOG NP)’ may be requested by the partners.On a master’s level, the candidates must have knowledge of information theory and mathematics and strong coding abilities.Similarly the control software interacts with cyber-security software to switch on or off firewalls, honeypots and other cyber- security services.Furthermore the control software adapts the distributed application (payload) itself.Important dates The University of Amsterdam’s Systems and Network Engineering Lab at the Informatics Institute, with assistance of the Leibniz Center for Law, have recently been awarded several new grants from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).The Leibniz Center and SNE already cooperate in the long-running SARNET project (1 Ph D student and 1 Post-doc) on Internet Security.Welcome to the pages of the Leibniz Center for Law of the University of Amsterdam.As an interdisciplinary research group, we develop intelligent technology to support legal practice both in the private and public sector.

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