Useful Sentences For Ielts Essay Writing

One way to paraphrase is by changing the order of the clauses.For example: Whether the economy will improve, it is difficult to say.

In the sentence above, the subject (the hurricane) became the object, and the object (the city) became the subject.Watch Jay break down the IELTS writing task 2 introduction right here: Before you attempt to paraphrase, you need to make sure that you understand the gist, or meaning of the paragraph. Your paraphrase needs to make sense and still convey the original message.So, you should read the original text a couple of times to make sure you understand the message it conveys. Think of how you would express the same ideas to a friend.. We need to make sure that the words we are using convey the same level of meaning as the original.You are not repeating the original conversation word for word.You are giving them the main idea of the conversation using your own words.For example, changing a noun into a verb, a verb into a noun or an adjective into a noun or vice versa.Example: Original: Many people find watching tennis Original: The hurricane destroyed the city.To be passive, we also changed the verb Original: The public transport system was developed by the city council.Paraphrase: The city council developed the public transport system.It is undoubtedly true that studying English in an English-speaking country is the best way, but it is not the only way to learn it. In recent times, a growing number of international students are learning English in English-speaking countries. The best way to paraphrase for IELTS Writing Task 2 is to use a combination of these techniques (synonyms, sentence structure and clause order). Our E2Language IELTS experts can help you learn the rest of the method for IELTS Writing Task 2!Although it is most beneficial to learn English in a country where it is natively spoken, there are other effective ways to learn it. The overuse of natural resources ultimately exhausts them. Therefore, the government should discourage people from overusing such resources. Exploiting natural resources will ultimately deplete them and lead to environmental harm. Jamal Abilmona is an expert IELTS teacher, curriculum designer and language buff.

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