Us Airways Seat Assignments

The reality is the sign of a curious new travel trend that effectively charges passengers more money for tickets with confirmed seats.This approach to pricing has been common among low-cost carriers such as Spirit and Allegiant for ages.In these cases, a passenger would purchase a ticket that gets him or her on the plane, then get a seat assignment upon check-in or at the gate before boarding.These basic economy fares work for budget-minded travelers but are dicey propositions if you have specific seat preferences or you're traveling with others, according to George Hobica, creator and founder of the Los Angeles-based Airfare Watchdog, a website that tracks low fares."If you're traveling with an elderly parent and you can't afford to pay extra for the peace of mind that you can sit together, rules of these basic fares can feel particularly diabolical," he said.S.-based airlines collected more than .5 billion in baggage fees alone in 2017—a record amount and a nearly 10 percent increase over the .1 billion reported in 2016.

That’s a model that I understand, unlike the half-assed implementation offered by the legacies.

"The same is true for families with young kids, though some airlines will attempt to seat you next to your child at no additional charge."Tickets with seat assignments eliminate this uncertainty.

A recent check of the three major airlines revealed economy fare classes with confirmed seats ranged from to as much as more than the most basic fares available.

Other traditional carriers — American, Delta and Alaska among them — offer some form of upgraded fare class that includes seat assignments for a small premium.

Airlines say the moves are part of a concerted effort to diversify products and give customers more options, a pay-to-play environment in which customers who are willing to spend more receive the peace of mind that comes with confirmed seat assignments and the comfort of larger seats with more legroom. And as with all types of real estate, some locations are more appealing than others," said Henry Harteveldt, president of Atmosphere Research Group, a travel industry analysis firm in San Francisco.

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