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Week 2 of Mod Po 2019 runs from Sunday, September 15 at 9 AM through Sunday, September 22 at 9 AM.

For those doing Mod Po on their own or in small groups, the week 2 materials are open and available all year.

Writing assignment #1 is open for submission between 9 AM on 9/16/19 and 9 AM on 9/22/19; after that, peer reviews will be submitted any time between 9 AM on 9/23/19 and 9 AM on 9/29/19.

There is also a live webcast on Wednesday, September 18, at noon (Philadelphia time).

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They rejected such qualities through staunch assertions demanding concision, concentration, precise visuality and a sort of super-focused emotive objectivity.

In addition, they rotate through the specialty departments and work under the preceptorship of master clinicians.

See Admissions Process and Requirements » All third-year students will be eligible for a four-week summer break in either July or August depending upon their clinical assignments.

Modernism in poetry had many beginnings; imagism marks just one.

But in a fast introduction, this brief but influential movement gives us a good place to start.

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