University Of Montana Mfa Creative Writing Essays On Co Education

"I call it my MFA in poverty," said Teresa Walsh of the poetry MFA she got from California College of the Arts in San Francisco in 2002.

That doesn't mean the school's 5-year-old program is begging for applicants, added Walsh, who is manager of the writing program.

"A lot of critics enjoy beating up on creative-writing programs as if that were responsible for the decline of literature," said David Fenza, executive director of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, which supports more than 400 college and university writing programs, as well as thousands of individual writers.

"When somebody plays bad basketball, nobody complains about sports programs at universities.

While the most prestigious and competitive graduate programs, such as Iowa and UC Irvine, subsidize students, covering tuition or paying them to teach, the Bay Area's programs offer no such perk.

Getting an MFA in creative writing here costs from ,100 (California State University) to a whopping ,800 (California College of the Arts) -- for a degree that gives you worse odds of financial windfall than playing the lottery.

At the mishmash of relatives who would share space under the tombstone -- people who, in life, loved one another fiercely, while reneging on deals, stealing money, holding grudges, hoarding secrets.

A few months later, she buried her mother-in-law, too.

About to turn 40, newly widowed with a 13-year-old daughter to raise, Patrick felt unmoored.

"I think," she announced over breakfast, "I'm going to pierce my belly button. Maybe a small hoop or a diamond stud." Her daughter burst into tears.

Getting into a writing program may be the hardest part.

The creative- writing MFA (usually an offshoot of the English department) now has the largest number of applicants in the field of English graduate studies.

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