University Of Michigan Essay 1

This doesn’t mean you can’t write a strong Essay #2, however, if The University of Michigan is one of your target schools.

First, research the 14 different undergraduate Schools and Colleges it boasts to determine which might be the best prospective home for you.

Most students at The University of Michigan are admitted to College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) for their first year of study, while others (business school students, for example) go through the Preferred Admission process while still in high school, which gives them sophomore entry to a particular School / College provided they meet certain academic conditions.

Diversity is central to The University of Michigan’s mission as a state university whose identity needs to reflect the social and cultural makeup of the State of Michigan and nation as a whole.

Try not to think of this question as a reworded version of the often asked, “How are you diverse?

When discussing a community to which you belong, consider including experiences you’ve had crossing a cultural border or boundary.

For example, you might highlight a time when your mosque invited guests of another faith to attend a meet-and-greet.

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