United States Immigrants Essay

For example a student will get class F, visitor class B, and a temporary worker class H.

Upon arrival at the port of entry, they are given an I-94 card, which is a small white card placed in the passport.

Many advocates feel that this term has a negative connotation; therefore, the term foreign national/immigrant or undocumented will be used throughout this paper. The term can also refer to those who entered the U. without inspection (EWI) by crossing the border, those who overstay their allotted time in the U. or those who violated the terms of their legal status. In order to understand the issue of immigration, it is essential to pore over the background and history of immigration.

“Undocumented” is a term given to foreign nationals who are present in the U. With very limited exceptions (notably asylum and immediate relative of a U. citizen’s partition) a person who is not in lawful status in the U. According to Greenblatt (2008), United States was created as a nation of immigrants who left Europe for political, religious and economic reasons.

Johnson as tribute to President Kennedy who was shot in 1963(Vial, et22) However, country quotas remained for foreign-born U. citizens who were expected to request family reunification. With a family-based immigration system, immigration quickly became a “Chain Migration” process in which legal immigrants already present in the U. sponsored new relatives who would become legal and in turn sponsor additional relatives.

Some believe that American immigration policy should be stricter; such terms to include the expulsion of illegal immigrants and placement of a border fence around United States; however, by providing a path for those who are here illegally to get legal status, a much more viable plan can be set to action leading to successful immigration into the United States.

By increasing the number of available visas to immigrants and temporary nonimmigrant workers, creating tighter border security, expanding cooperation with developing nations and even imposing tougher penalties to employers who hire and abuse undocumented immigrants, we can provide such a benefit to all who wish to reside in the Land of Opportunity.

“Immigrant” is a technical legal term given to a foreign national who has been granted permission to remain in the United States permanently.

Such a person is a legal permanent resident (LPR) and is given a green card as a proof of legal status.

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