Understanding Liberal Democracy Essays In Political Philosophy Marriage Versus Living Together Thesis Statement

The first is that government of the people, by the people, for the people has more than once been on the point of perishing from the Earth.The second is that democracy, though the political corollary of individualism, has in practice often tyrannized the individual.

The need to reduce the deficit of the Federal Treasury is widely acknowledged, though there is disagreement about the speed of the consolidation.Why such deliberate blindness to the benefits of economic freedom enjoyed by growing numbers around the world?Again it seems that this is more than a passing fad or a mere coincidence.That figure is especially telling since the data have been observed in the midst of a growing world population, which should have led to an increase in the number of poor.It cannot be a mere coincidence that those years have been marked by a steady expansion of international trade and foreign direct investment, in other words, by increasing globalization.It is my view that these four contradictions are not incurable.They are in the character of semantic loops one encounters in ordinary discourse and in computer programs.Time has proved Milton and Rose Friedman right when in Capitalism and Freedom (1962, 2002) they pointed at capitalism to explain the prosperity of the free part of the world.Globalization is the spread of liberty and the story of economic freedom is one of falling poverty and inequality, together with a marked progress in welfare.In the forthcoming columns I would like to tackle a fundamental problem of political philosophy: popular sovereignty and individual freedom are often at loggerheads, which endangers the survival of both.This is especially noticeable in Europe at present, where the recent crisis has brought to light previously hidden flaws in the Welfare State, to the confusion and dismay of voters and politicians.

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