Unc History Honors Thesis Ramin Mehran Thesis

Students who participate in the History Honors Program are strongly encouraged to apply for the University Scholars Program, CLAS Scholars Program, departmental travel scholarships, and study abroad programs.Many students in the Cambridge Program, for example, have conducted thesis research in British and European archives in while studying abroad (and several have received scholarships to pursue this research).It stands as a clear demonstration of a student’s seriousness of purpose and proven excellence.For many students, this will be the last opportunity to immerse themselves in the past and grapple with a significant historical problem.Honors students in History define their own topics, work one-on-one with faculty mentors, and spend countless solitary hours conducting research, writing, and revising.But, through the Honors Thesis Workshop (HIS 4971, 3.0 credits) in the fall and various activities in the spring, the program also offers systematic guidance and consistent support to each year’s cohort of students.But doing a thesis is also a valuable experience for students who love history but have chosen other career paths.A completed honors thesis can serve as a superb writing sample for graduate schools in all fields, professional schools (law, medicine, and business), and future employers.

For specific details regarding the Honors Program, students should speak with a faculty undergraduate advisor and read the Guidelines for the Preparation of Theses below.The culmination and highlight of the History Honors Program is the Honors Conference, held annually in April.Students participate in panel presentations designed to showcase their projects and the work they have undertaken over the course of the year.This comparative honors thesis argues that the cultural phenomenon of Ostalgie is a gendered one.By comparing women’s autobiographies with films about the fall of the Wall, the thesis seeks to establish how this difference is inscribed into the media deployed to express a nostalgia for the East German past.This thesis provides an interdisciplinary review of film (Dennis Gansel’s “Die Welle”), literature (Andres Veiel’s “Der Kick” and Timur Vermes’ “Er ist wieder da”), journalism, and government publications to identify the societal implications of the contemporary far-right in Germany.Specifically, it seeks to address how, if at all, these cultural representations of far-right ideology mirror the actual right-wing movement, and to what extent this movement may subvert established German democracy.A substantial historiographical essay is thus also a possibility, in which case secondary materials form the principle focus.Outstanding students who are considering applying to graduate school in history are especially encouraged to write an honors thesis.Honors in Art History: Students with a 3.7 GPA in the major may complete and submit an honors thesis by enrolling in HA195 (4 units, graded).A student whose thesis receives a grade of A- or better will receive Departmental Honors (Honors, High Honors, or Highest Honors).

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