Uk Constitutional Conventions Essay Essay On The Genius And Writings Of Shakespeare In Three Letters

A Constitutional Convention should consist of a new, parallel assembly to the House of Commons.This would free Parliament (and subsequent general elections) to consider day-to-day issues, like the funding of the NHS, without distractions from Brexit 9.The democratic legitimacy of the UK depends on it being implemented as the majority of voters in the referendum demanded.At the same time, the country needs to unify and heal its divisions so it can face the challenges ahead, not the least of which include trade negotiations with two more large economies (the US and China) and an aggressive Russia.

It is even more rare that such events happen without widespread violence.

But Brexit is an acute change that demands answers in a matter of months, not years, and these answers must be reached in a democratic, deliberative process.

A Constitutional Convention meets those requirements, and it need not challenge the tradition of an uncodified constitution.

It could be limited in scope to Brexit: the withdrawal deal and future trade relations. It would be another manoeuvre to fit the political demands of the situation.

Brexit and its referendum have divided the voting population like nothing before in recent history.

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