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Would I be able to do the MA and then the NCTJ, or should I just do the NCTJ? Hi, I think I found this thread a bit late, but I am just wondering, which of the university did you pick?

Because I also have recently applied to UEA also for MA in Poetry and I thought that if you are there, maybe you wont mind giving about the course.

There are currently 11 donor-funded scholarships, ranging from a £1,000 fee waiver to the Booker Foundation Scholarship, which covers fees and living expenses to a value of £25,000.It isn't going to help you indeed it may hinder you with a career in publishing because everything about it says you are only in publishing until you can establish yourself as a writer. What employers want is experience and proven practical skills rather than endless bits of paper.Yes I completely understand, the getting into publishing was an after thought, that is not going to be my primary parameter to choose between Warwick and UEA.She liked the course as it is hands on, competent lecturers and writing work shops taught students various trades craft.The course has good links to various organisations.We hope you have an incredible time exploring our beautiful campus and meeting our wonderful staff and students!pic.twitter.com/z G9y Filop O Happy #National Read ABook Day !But each module at Warwick is a semester long: so I don't know how sustained the workshop experience will be.I know ultimately it's how much time I dedicate, but the course structure and all will surely make a difference too.I'll apply for internships and work experience regardless of where I go (and I've already got some), but it would be great if you could tell me other pros and cons that can help me choose.My problem is, there is plenty reason for both universities, as showcased on respective websites, but since I'm an international student, I can't exactly visit the two places, so most of my research is based on websites and forums.

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