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Plagiarism Plagiarism is the unacknowledged copying of material or ideas from someone or somewhere else.On your tutorial registration card you will be required to sign your name under the following declaration: 'I undertake that the writing-up of all assignments will be my own unaided work and that where I quote or refer to the opinions of writings of others, these will be fully and clearly acknowledged'; a similar declaration must be made on each history essay cover sheet that you attach to your assignments.Attach the completed form to the front of your assignment when you submit it by the agreed new deadline.All consultations with a module coordinator (as with any application for extension/consideration) will be held in confidence.For the paper copy you must download the History Essay Cover Sheet and attach it to your essay when it is submitted.

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Note: the following guidelines are relevant only to assignments which are submitted on time or up to two weeks late; for assignments which are or will be more than two weeks late owing to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control, please read about applying for extenuating circumstances.

Assignments more than two weeks late cannot be graded unless Extenuating Circumstances have been granted.

The electronic copy should be submitted via Blackboard.

If you run into any problems with online submission, contact IT Services.

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  1. The Michener Center for Writers MFA in Writing Program is an autonomous institution associated with UT-Austin, and is not to be confused with the MFA in Creative Writing offered by the university’s English Department.