Type 1 Diabetes Essay Conclusion Poverty And In Africa Essay

The role of viral infections in the development of IDDM is confirmed in experimental studies.Viral infections among individuals with a genetic predisposition to IDDM are involved in the development of the disease as follows: In modern diabetology, the next staging of IDDM is expected.There are three common forms of diabetes: type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes.This paper mainly discusses these major forms of diabetes considering their causes and consequences.After pregnancy, diabetes type 1 or 2 may occur and will require obligatory treatment.Genetic Factors and Markers The role of genetic factors as a cause of diabetes has been proven definitively. IDDM is considered to be a polygenic disease which is based on at least two of the mutant genes in diabetic chromosome 6.

Third stage – the stage of the active immunological process with formation of antibodies to B cells, insulin and autoimmune insulitis development.

First stage – a genetic predisposition, due to the presence of certain antigens in the HLA system, as well as genes of chromosomes 11 and 10.

Second stage – the initiation of the autoimmune process in islands of B cells influenced with viruses, cytotoxic agents and any other unknown factors.

They have weakened antiviral immunity, and they are extremely susceptible to cytotoxic damage to the B cells by viruses and chemical agents.

Viral Infection Viral infection may be a factor that provokes the development of IDDM.

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