Tv Influence Essay

Naturally, television violence can hardly fail to influence the consciousness of youth since young people often perceive celebrities they see on TV and imaginary characters they see in movies as models of their own behavior.

As a result, they attempt to follow their lead, which often leads to the development of negative, dangerous or even delinquent models of behavior if violence is abundantly present on television.

Therefore, the necessity of the control over media’s representation of violence arises.

In this respect, the most effective tool of control over media is the government control or, to put it more precisely, censorship, but such a measure provokes serious opposition.

At the same time, these movies, being renowned and extremely popular, especially among youth, depict the main character, who is the protagonist of a movie, as a violent but good person.

Moreover, violent acts committed by the main character are justified, if not to say welcome.

Introduction Today, television is the mainstream medium, which influences substantially the public opinion and, what is more, it has the power to influence the formation of an individual’s identity.

In such a situation, television violence has a particularly significant and dangerous impact on the audience, especially youth, whose identity, moral values and beliefs are in the process of formation.

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This trend is likely to grow stronger in the future and, if the violence in media is uncontrolled, it is likely to result in the tremendous growth of violence in real life.Moreover, television can potentially become a powerful educational tool, which can back up the school education of children and expand their eyesight and personal philosophy substantially contributing to the formation of a truly humanistic personality of modern youth.In such a way, it is extremely important to shift the television and media focus from violent issues to humanistic values to prevent degradation of the nation and to form truly universal values in the youth.The representation of violence in media On analyzing the negative impact of television violence on youth, it is primarily necessary to dwell upon the representation of violence in modern mass media.As it has been already mentioned above, television is the mainstream medium in the modern world, which influences consistently the public opinion and an individual’s identity.The opponents of the introduction of the governmental censorship over media to control violence represented in media is argued to be a threat to the freedom of press because, along with a possible positive impact of the censorship due to the essential limitation of violence in media, it can also lead to the misuse of power by the government that may undermine basic democratic principles of the modern society.On the other hand, the introduction of the government censorship is not the only way in which the negative impact of television and media violence can be prevented.Specialists underline that nowadays “violence dominates television news and entertainment, particularly what we call “happy violence” – cool, swift, painless, and always leading to a happy ending in order to deliver the audience to the next commercial message in a receptive mood” (Is Media Violence Free Speech 1) At the same time, the negative impact of violence in media increased substantially in the result of the wider spread and practically permanent impact of media on people.It proves beyond a doubt that violence always exposes the audience to the risk of certain psychological problems and can increase the aggressiveness of people.Media affect the life of each individual and the entire society because nowadays media are everywhere.In fact, people are constantly bombarded with information they receive from various media which they may access twenty-four hours a day.

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