Tupperware Business Plan

Hire a local teen to help you with demonstrations and customer service during exhibition sales events so you don’t miss any sales opportunities.

Promote your Tupperware sales business with an auto magnetic sign, bumper sticker or window decal.

Home parties are Tupperware’s traditional sales method.

Sales consultants contract with party hostesses to book a date to come and demonstrate Tupperware products, entertain guests/customers, take orders for Tupperware, book future parties and recruit new sales consultants.

Due to an early lead and a reputation for good quality Tupperware dominated its market for many years but that began to change in the 1970s and '80s.

In the last 20 years a crowded market and fierce competition has left Tupperware sales consultants in need of every competitive edge they can find.

Every interaction with customers is an opportunity to discuss products and make sales.

Book space at local county fairs, municipal festivals, farmer’s markets that allow retailers and trade shows.

Set up an attractive table or booth, bring the newest products and catalogs and take orders, book parties and recruit new sales consultants.

Earl Silas Tupper invented and marketed Tupperware in the 1940s.

His innovative invention led to an enduring line of household products sold throughout the world.

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