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Underwater earthquakes happen because of the collision of plates and it causes the fault line to slide, when a force pushes the water upwards that causes many tsunamis which gradually increases till they strike land or shallow water. Before this major tsunami happened in Japan many people didn’t know that they had a magnitude of 5 or higher, of many earthquakes before they had the massive on e that caused the tsunami.Even after the earthquake they received some aftershocks.When the first reactor cracked, the power plant released radioactivity all around, approximately 11,500 square miles (Steven Star at psr.org).The Fukushima accident had only three nuclear reactors meltdown from the earthquake and tsunami (CNN wire staff).On March 11, 2011 Japan was hit with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake that destroyed Japan and surrounding states.

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Mass funerals were taking place amid scenes of shocking grief as bodies lay decaying alone coastlines throughout the region to point where recognition was no longer probable.If you are on the beach or in a harbor and feel an earthquake - no matter how small - immediately move inland or to high ground. If you are outside of a tsunami hazard zone, take no action. preparation of the statements.” The Fukushima incident was not caused just by the tsunami, even though it had a huge effect on it, the earthquake had the most effect on the power plant.According to the records, up to five million people bee displaced by the shocking tsunami. About 100000 people lost their life in Indonesia itself.In India, the worst affected areas were Tamilnadu and Andaman Nicobar Island and Pondicherry. Citizens all over the world are donated liberally for the tsunami relief fund.But the major thing that is affecting Japan and surrounding countries is the nuclear radiation.The radiation is starting to sweep over the coast of California. Earthquakes, cyclones, tsunami landslides, flood, disease, etc are all point to the over whelming superiority of nature. Nature has its own unpreciphered way of main training a balance too. It is the deadly tidal waves unleashed by the earthquake.It is so powerful that even makes the earth shake on its axis and lastingly alters the regional map.A tsunami is a series of waves or surges most commonly caused by an earthquake beneath the sea floor.Tsunamis can cause great loss of life and property damage in coastal areas.

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