Truisms And Inflammatory Essays By Jenny Holzer

Holzer's art hangs in important collections around the globe including 7 World Trade Center, the Venice Biennale, the Guggenheim Museums in New York and Bilbao and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Jenny Holzer American, 1950- For Jenny Holzer (born in Gallipolis, Ohio), language is a medium.

She is interested in the ability of public art to provoke a reaction and perhaps start a conversation.

The realization that art could engage people who did not intend to see it, moving them to think or even provoking them to argue, motivated her to pursue text-based work.“Expeditious as in fast and right.” It is perhaps for this reason that her work is so often reproduced, as its split second appeal is derived from its keen ability to distill truths about our culture into digestible phrases.As a teenager, Holzer moved to Florida to attend Pine Crest Preparatory in Boca Raton before enrolling at Duke University for college.Enthralled by their ability to display text in motion, she continued using the signs as they lent her words a neutral authority that the posters could not, as posters carried with them the connotation of anarchist protests.Since 1996, Holzer has worked with light based projections as installations, using the facades of monumental buildings as the canvas onto which she projects scrolling text.In her last year as an MFA student at RISD, Holzer rethought the inclusion of words in her work by using her own.She wrote a selection of one liners which were meant to distill truths encountered almost daily in Western civilization, which she then assembled into a series of posters.Holzer’s use of the institution as the base upon which her work rests has been the inspiration for numerous political protests since Holzer developed the method.laid out in grids to the speed and font of her scrolling texts, Holzer is a visual artist who has found her voice in words, an artistic medium she found best expressed her views on the culture of media in which she came of age.Holzer did not arrive at using text as the base of her artistic career without a few detours along the way.She began her life as an artist as an abstract painter, inspired by many of the great painters of Abstract Expressionism.

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