Treaty Of Versailles Fair Essay

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Anybody would most likely because it is most likely easier to kill more people with a plane then it is to shoot somebody.The Treaty of Versailles Yes, I think that the Treaty of Versailles was very fair to Germany.I think this because Germany deserved something bad in return for even starting the war.I would also have to say that I mostly agree with what Woodrow Wilson had to say.He said that Germany should pay for the things they have done and that is exactly it!The treaty of Versailles was, however, reasonably fair, given what was the norm of that time.They annexed areas which they had lost in the last war, demanded reparations for damages they had suffered, which were not something Germany could not pay (France paid similar damages after the last war they had lost, even though the fighting went on on French and not German soil so there was less objective reason for damages).One of these lies is how the cruel treaty of Versailles humiliated Germany and in part caused WWII.It’s a convenient lie which spreads the blame just a little bit so we can all feel a bit better.It was not fair to Germany how they did not really have a say on what went on in with the Treaty of Versailles.Germany should have known this was going to happen to them.

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