Tqm Assignment

The basic goal of Total Quality Management (TQM) is to involve all levels and functions of an organization in continually meeting and exceeding the customer’s expectations of their daily operations, products or services.

In many organizations today, there remains an outdated belief that the quality department is solely responsible to assure that the product or service meets quality standards.

An engineer named Walter Shewert, while working for General Electric, created a statistical quality control chart.

He later went on to publish a book titled “Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product” in the 1930s. Edwards Deming applied and built upon Shewhart’s statistical methods.

If you fail to meet their expectations, customers have the option of obtaining the same product or service from numerous other organizations.

The quality of your product or service is vital to success.

TQM methodology allows your organization to: Through implementation of TQM methodology, your company will realize many benefits beyond the list above.

However, the mission should always remain the same. The plain and simple truth is that properly planned and implemented TQM methodology will provide significant financial benefits to your business.TQM methodology not only benefits your customers, but your organization will become more efficient, effective and through continually meeting the customers need, your brand equity will increase.The stronger your brand equity the more likely you will experience long-term success.The quality control tools and methodology became known as Total Quality Management (TQM).The implementation of TQM is credited as a major contributor to Japan’s economic recovery.But, are you prepared to and have the ability and desire to change?The success of any TQM implementation is dependent upon if the management and staff within the organization want the change to happen.Later, during the 1970s and 1980s, quality and productivity methods became popular in the United States.Organizations began adopting statistical quality control methods in an effort to compete in the increasingly global marketplace.The leadership of the organization and the corporate culture must be adaptable to TQM philosophy and prepared to support it during the implementation phase and beyond. Leaders will need to uphold their commitment to the process, maintain open lines of communication, provide support and ensure accountability.One of the first things the leadership of any organization must do prior to launching any TQM initiative is to recognize the need for change within their organization.

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