Tourism Dissertation Examples Ap Biology Exam Essays 2012

A qualitative study amongst people considering a holiday within the UK.

2.2.6 Sewer tourism and psychology: towards a typology of participants in organized tours of sewers in Europe.

Either type can be appropriate to your area of study.A quantitative study amongst passengers on a Virgin Trains London to Manchester service.2.4.6 The demand for ethically sourced and Fairtrade products in hospitals: to what extent do patients request ‘green’ alternatives? 2.4.7 A macho culture: to what extent do women’s perceptions of working in high-end restaurants prohibit them training as chefs? 2.4.8 Restaurants and colour: how does the use of colour in the interior design of independent restaurants influence customer perceptions? 2.5.1 Which theoretical model of tipping is most appropriate to explain tipping in independent (boutique) hotels?A critical analysis comparing marketing material from 5 resorts in the Indian subcontinent. The Green Tourist: To what extent do ‘Green’ tourists really contribute to the sustainability of the areas they visit?2.1.7 To what extent can increased awareness of the need to conserve water resources impact upon water use in tourist destinations? An action research study amongst locals and tourists in an African resort.A quantitative study looking at age, sex, education levels and length of tenure.2.4.5 ‘Here comes the trolley’: is there any scope for a higher-quality menu for second class rail passengers?2.4.1 Booze Britain: Who should take responsibility for the impact of alcohol-related destructive behaviours – government, retailers or individuals?An analysis of policy, popular culture and commercial interests.A qualitative study amongst tourism professionals in the UK.2.1.3 What role can grass-roots education at a local level play in introducing sustainable tourism in developing countries? 2.1.4 How can potential damage to natural resources in areas attractive to tourists be minimized whilst maintaining the economic benefits of welcoming visitors to the region? 2.1.5 Lip-service to ‘green’ values or committed attempts at promoting sustainability?

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