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They reported having little time for relaxing or creative activities.More than two-thirds of students said they used alcohol and drugs, primarily marijuana, to cope with stress.Many students felt forced or obligated to choose homework over developing other talents or skills."Our findings on the effects of homework challenge the traditional assumption that homework is inherently good," said Denise Pope, Ph D, a senior lecturer at the Stanford University School of Education, and a co-author of a study.A smaller New York University study published in 2015 noted similar findings.The research involved a series of interviews with students, teachers, and administrators, as well as a survey of a total of 128 juniors from two private high schools.About half of the students said they received at least three hours of homework per night.

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Some parents, in fact, have decided to opt out of the whole thing.In the Stanford study, many students said that they often did homework they saw as "pointless" or "mindless." Pope, who co-authored that study, argued that homework assignments should have a purpose and benefit, and should be designed to cultivate learning and development.It’s also important for schools and teachers to stick to the 10-minutes per grade standard.The researchers also found that spending too much time on homework meant that students were not meeting their developmental needs or cultivating other critical life skills.Students were more likely to forgo activities, stop seeing friends or family, and not participate in hobbies.In addition, it's been easier for their children to participate in after-school activities.In 2013, research conducted at Stanford University found that students in high-achieving communities who spend too much time on homework experience more stress, physical health problems, a lack of balance in their lives, and alienation from society.It focused more broadly on how students at elite private high schools cope with the combined pressures of school work, college applications, extracurricular activities, and parents’ expectations.That study, which appeared in Frontiers in Psychology, noted serious health effects for high schoolers, such as chronic stress, emotional exhaustion, and alcohol and drug use.They also faced pressure to take college-level classes and excel in activities outside of school.Many students felt they were being asked to work as hard as adults, and noted that their workload seemed inappropriate for their development level.

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