Tolstoy Life Essays Religion Writing A Doctoral Dissertation

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Everything leads to the truth: “And the truth is death.” This recognition of death and the meaninglessness of life ruin the joy of life. And the kind of knowledge which gives comfort—knowledge about the meaning of life—doesn’t exist.

I have written extensively on this blog about why I reject the religious solution to the problem of the meaning of life.

Rather than reiterate what I’ve said many times before I’ll let that great Greek novelist Nikos Kazantzakis speak for me.

“Sooner or later there would come diseases and death…all my affairs…would sooner or later be forgotten, and I myself would not exist. ” In short, why should he do anything or care about anything if all is for naught?

Tolstoy had come to believe that the essence of life was best captured by the Eastern parable of a man hanging onto a branch inside of a well, with a dragon at the bottom, a beast at the top, and the mice eating the branch to which he clings.

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