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In this post, we will outline the format and content of the TOEFL before moving on to our insider tips for the best, free TOEFL study resources available.

With our top tips on how to prepare for the TOEFL, you’ll arrive for the test confident and receive a score that reflects the peak of your ability.

The purpose of the test is to measure the ability of non-native English speakers to use and understand the English language as it is heard, spoken, read and written in a college classroom.

Each year, nearly a million students take the test, hoping to earn a place at an English-speaking college or university.

But applying to college can be even more intimidating if English isn’t your first language.

You’ll still need too complete everything that a native English speaker does to complete your profile as a competitive applicant.

It provides free resources to assist with writing, research, grammar and mechanics, and even has a section specifically devoted to This independent site is rich in preparation materials, including links to free tutorials on Youtube, a step-by-step essay guide, and sample essays.You will be asked to express an opinion on a familiar topic and give verbal answers in response to questions about reading and listening tasks.Finally, you will take the Writing section of the test.While there are some services on the site that you will have to pay to access, there is a wealth of material available for no produced by ETS, so you know that it’s accurate.Here are our favorites: If you’re looking for more authentic content, many top universities also have podcasts that post content similar to what you might expect on the listening section of the TOEFL.These will help you to become accustomed to hearing formal, academic discussions in the English language.Many schools waive their requirement if you have attended school in the United States for a minimum amount of time or have achieved a high verbal SAT score.For specific requirements about which schools require a TOEFL, you should check the individual school’s website.Specific information is given about how to register for the test, how it is scored, and how to prepare for test day.While there are discounted test prep offers included throughout the course, there are also many free resources.

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