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For the last 14 years, pipe maker Steve Norse, 39, has run Vermont Freehand, a one-stop supplier whose “main objective was to cater to new pipe makers,” the majority of whom are in their 20s.“I used to see a few new pipe makers on social media a year,” Steve Morrisette, 65, a 20-year veteran of the craft based in Nashville, tells me. And over 90 percent of those new pipe makers are under 30.” Nattily dressed in a necktie and fedora, Morrisette’s a fixture at pipe shows.The cigar boom of the 1990s that seemed to leave pipes behind ultimately revealed their charms: an association with refinement and wisdom (see Sherlock Holmes, Albert Einstein, Gandalf); a pleasant, non-aggressive smell; and an inherently slow pastime in an overclocked age. You’ll overheat the tobacco and burn your tongue.) The slow charms of pipe-smoking notwithstanding, everyone I spoke with was aware of the health hazards of the hobby: Even though it’s easier to smoke less at a sitting with a pipe than with cigarettes and cigars, the cancer risks are the same.But for pipe smokers, such risks are outweighed by the benefits.“But you are talking about an object that, when well-made, can last a hundred years.You don’t get to know how to put the various parts of a pipe together in a way that will last until a few come back to you broken.” A pleasurable smoke relies on many things—the thickness of the tobacco chamber’s walls, position of the drought hole where breath meets burning leaves, smoothness of the passage from tobacco up the shank to the pipe’s mouthpiece.“We could use more of their participation.” In fact, that’s changing.

What’s happened, Morrisette continues, is a saturated market and a focus on pipes as collectibles rather than precision instruments.At the same time, he says, the industry has done a poor job explaining the months and years of honing the craft behind fine pipes and educating customers about what they’re paying for.“A pipe fundamentally is piece of wood with a hole and a mouthpiece stuck in it,” Morrisette tells me.Women are also taking up pipe smoking in greater numbers.“Initially, it was hard,” says Mary Walters, 25, who once worked in customer service at Smoking, the company that also employs her husband, Kaz, as a pipe specialist.It would be three more years before a chance meeting with a friend at his favorite tobacco shop turned me, a few weeks after my 35th birthday, into a pipe smoker.Long gone, I only remember my grandfather’s pipes as bent-wood statues, silent in a cherry rack on his desk.“I used to sit in traffic for several hours a day commuting, and it would help me calm down,” says Tyler Thomas, a 23-year-old sound engineer in St.Paul, Minnesota, who picked up the hobby at age 16 after seeing hobbits enjoying pipes in “The Lord of the Rings” films. Greg Vickers, 60, membership-services manager of the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association in Washington, D. It appears to be maintaining.” Tyler Thomas, a 23-year-old sound engineer in St.When I light up, I can’t ache with a memory I never had of my grandfather smoking those pipes.Instead, I try to stop time, if only for a few moments, during what a fellow pipe smoker 10 years my junior called “the productive work of turning leaves into ash.” Unlike napkins, diamonds, and golfing—traditions that Millennials have supposedly “killed”—pipe smoking is very much alive.

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