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Though there are some conflicting reports on T-Mobile’s network performance, it is still one of the best cell phone providers in the U. It has one of the fastest 4G networks which performs particularly well in urban areas, and offers feature-rich unlimited plans.

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T-Mobile announced early in November 2018 that its scam block and scam ID features have already blocked over a billion scams from reaching its customers.

With the discount, it costs a month for two lines ( less if you enroll in autopay). Similarly, T-Mobile offers a military discount to veterans and service members and their families.

The military discount is 20 percent off a single line on the ONE plan with an additional 50 percent off lines two through six.

You can save a month by enrolling in autopay – the prices T-Mobile advertises include this discount.

At the moment, T-Mobile is running a promotion that gives new and existing customers a free line of service if you have two already, which can save family plan subscribers up to a month.

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