Tiananmen Square Essays Writing Good Literature Review Dissertation

In this framework, much of the course lectures, discussions, and sources related to colonial contacts.

The Soviet dominance of Eastern Europe after World War II was just one of a series of Cold War colonial issues, as was the emergence of Chinese Communism.

After the brief background, I asked the students to discuss what the meanings of these stamps were. What was their emotional reaction to the stamp images, with their violence, horror, and also bravery (in particular, the lone man on the bottom right-side taken from a very well-known image of Tiananmen)?

I had to ask explicitly why the stamps were marked “Tiananmen Square” (noticeably in English) on a stamp that also had in Polish.

Furthermore, it was important to note that the important Roundtable Talks in Poland occurred before the events of Tiananmen Square.

In the end, I find the stamps a powerful tool for uncovering the complexity of the events of 1989.

Read one way, it reveals Polish ideas about their own victory against Communism as a great success story.

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