Three Words That Describe Critical Thinking Sat Essays 12

Read the following statements and then answer the questions about them: Becoming a Critical Thinker Critical reasoning or critical thinking is a basic skill that all humans are born with, but which can be sharpened with practice.

The better your ability to think critically, the better you will be at making good decisions in your life.

Critical Self-Reflection In our opinion critical self-reflection entails the ability to reflect critically on your own assumptions, and to critically evaluate your own prejudicial attitudes and biases.

Critical self-reflection relates to self-knowledge and self-awareness.

In this age of information, if we want to effectively share our opinions with others, we must be educated about the topics we are discussing.

Please note that the terms “critical reasoning”, “critical thinking” and “clear thinking” are used interchangeably in this discussion.

Part 1: For this activity use your journal and write down what the difference in meaning is between the following statements.

It is important to write your opinion down; often we think we have an opinion, but once we have to write it down, we discover that it might be flawed.

In our fast-paced, overstimulated, I-want-it-quickly society, our response to something is often based on preconceived ideas.

What is most important in this course is that you learn how to think for yourself, as opposed to replicating some preconceived ideas.

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