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They make sure our food, air, water, and businesses are safe.They run the military, collect taxes, and help the elderly and disabled.DAY 1: Students use the computer lab and access the site. Print off the accompanying worksheet and fill in the blanks as individuals or partners.Discuss in class together the main points and have students check their own worksheets and correct them. DAY 2: Students use the computer lab and access the site. Review responses to House of Representatives tasks. Students work in partners to read and complete tasks on The Senate--Voice of the States.Homework assignment: Each student writes a fill in the blank test of fifteen questions and a separate answer sheet. See guidelines under Cabinet Department Presentation. On the fifth day, questions and activities are checked in groups of four.Teacher roams around meeting with each group discussing their questions and which answers were being debated.A suggested schedule is listed below for the 3 week course including the Cabinet project.

Introduce the "Teach Another Class Project" and decide on scoring guide.In part, he does this by appointing leaders for the many departments and agencies in our government.These departments and agencies work to make our lives better.Read The Legislative Branch and The House of Representatives and complete the tasks as individuals or partners using the suggested web sites. Print off Questions for the Senate--Voice of the States. However, each student writes a report in his/her own words on one of the five famous senators listed. Students keep corrected pages for review and read their senator report to a partner.Print off the The Legislative Branch worksheet and have students fill in the blanks. Students spend time in the computer lab reviewing the sites suggested on United States Capitol.Each area provides Internet links to other sites where information may be obtained for student research.We have provided two formats for teaching using these materials.Then each group designs a chart, backboard, Power Point presentation, a series of colorful overheads, or other format to teach another class about their subject.Arrange for students to make presentations to two classes.Projects and Presentations: Teach Another Class About What They Have Learned: (3 days preparation 1 day presentation) Students are divided into six groups (four each), two groups are assigned the Legislative Branch, two groups are assigned the Executive Branch, and two groups are assigned the Judicial Branch.Each group summarizes materials studied the first 5 days and conducts additional research on-line.

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