Thing That Annoy Me Essay Argument Research Paper

But, very often, this is not an option and we are forced to be in close proximity of this person.

For example, it may not be possible to distance yourself from your ‘annoying’ uncle at Christmas dinner or quit your job because your boss is ‘annoying’.

I was all about hitting our marriage milestones at pre-determined times until secondary infertility harshly interrupted our plans.

All of us have been annoyed by someone else at some point in our lives.

In the 11 years since our wedding day, Mike and I have experienced our fair share of "annoyances" that crop up when you're a married couple.

Though we've gotten used to them, these are some of the things that bug me most. They're people, and shouldn't be classified like baked goods.

It took five years for us to conceive our second daughter, who is eight years younger than our first. I cut my hair short recently — then I noticed that Mike immediately stopped shaving. Instead, love your spouse, and focus on the positives.When we do that, we ultimately give up our power to be happy.Of course, if we think someone is not a good influence or is vindictive in his deeds and words, we can choose to distance ourselves from that person. We can walk away, unfriend that person on Facebook, get a new job somewhere else, or not answer his phone calls.It is important to note that the person who is annoying us is not necessarily an annoying person.When someone else acts in a certain way or says something to annoys us, it is our thoughts about his or her actions or words that create the actual annoyance. We get annoyed because we judge the words or actions of others, and that judgement creates our annoyance.However, if my thoughts about his actions stay neutral, I will not get annoyed.Similarly, if a car pulls up next to you at a stop light and the driver is blasting music that you are not fond of, you have a choice. Facebook status: "I can't wait till hubby gets home! Conversely, when we were having marital problems a few years back, I lost a ton of weight. Now we are doing well again, so I'm back to fat and happy. Not everyone does, so please be sensitive with these types of questions. Then we had our first child, and all hope of going to the gym regularly was lost. (Thankfully, Mike is also back to being clean shaven.) All is right in the world, although my long hair still annoys me to death. When that happens, we are at the mercy of others and allow them to affect us negatively.Trying to change someone rarely works, as we all know. We only have power over ourselves and, specifically our thoughts and reaction. Very often, the other person does not intend to annoy us.

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