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Suggested initial topic reading: ‘Feeding off low self-esteem to create a desire to purchase’ – can this criticism of marketing as a business be critically sustained, particularly within an era of economic hardship: A literature based review.

An essential element of the marketing of goods and services is the ability to create desire and wanton need within potential customers.

Well, please don’t tell me you are sitting on your couch squeezing your brain hoping that some interesting and meaningful idea will come out. The very first aspect you must have clear is to understand the difference between CONTEXT and THEORY. After understanding the difference between them, then you will define them for your study.

So here we go, one element at a time: Ok, so let’s assume you chose as CONTEXT for your study to investigate Adults (Sample), China (Market) and Luxury cars (Product).

The following step refers to addressing the question: WHAT would you like to understand about adult Chinese consumers and luxury cars (investigate, study, research?


In the first year after the hurricane, over 100,000 jobs were lost, and the reputation of New Orleans as being problematic in terms of crime plunged even lower.

This dissertation suggests that this is particularly the case in the electronic and tele-communications device market, where new products such as X-boxes and i Phones create a desire to replace products which are perfectly serviceable with the ‘new and upgraded’ model.

Using both a range of marketing theories as well as references to social exclusion this dissertation analyses the extent to which the creation of a false demands based on low self-esteem (if one does not have the product) runs counter to ethical considerations in this time of economic austerity and hardship for a growing number of families across the UK.

Are you a marketing bachelor, or possibly a Masters, student trying to develop an idea for your thesis?

Do you already have an idea for the research project but you don’t know exactly how to structure it? After some years supervising (MANY) students, I’ve sketched here some hacks that hopefully will be useful for you!

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