Thesis Vs Non-Thesis Mechanical Engineering Success Comes To Those Who Work Hard Essay

The names of the committee members are submitted to the Graduate School using the Plan of Study.Early in the graduate program, each student should confer with the appropriate departmental advisor or major professor to select courses and discuss research interests.Then a Plan of Study should be prepared and submitted to the Graduate School. The Plan of Study must be submitted at least one term prior to the term in which the student plans to graduate.No student will be permitted to graduate who fails to submit a Plan of Study.Arrangements to take the foreign language examination should be made with the student’s major professor and the head or chair of the department.The student must apply at the Graduate School by the deadline for each semester listed in the calendar.The student should: The student works under the direction of an advisory committee composed of three members recommended by the appropriate department/program head or chair.

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One to three changes may be made by using the simplified “Change in Existing Plan of Study Form” available at the Graduate School or on the Web. The student is responsible for carrying out the planned program and for asking the major professor to make necessary changes.

Submission of a thesis is defined as the time at which the first complete draft of such is submitted to the major professor for review.

The Graduate School accepts only theses prepared according to the Guide.

Note, however, that for Master's Non-Thesis, course-only degree options, only a major professor is required.

The committee chair (or one of the co-chairs) must be a graduate faculty member in the department/program granting the degree.

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