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When the copies are returned from the binder, they will mailed to the forwarding address that you include on the binding form.

This workshop is only for students enrolled in the SCHC 390 Thesis Prep course.

You will be searching for "thesis phd or thesis ph d", which will appear as a note in the catalog record.

You can use subject headings, title words, an author's last name, etc., and add "and thesis phd or thesis ph d".

An embargo may be appropriate for some types of creative work, intellectual property with commercial implications, politically sensitive materials, and limited other types of work.

Student can choose Margins: Margins are to be one inch at the top, bottom and right and one and one-half inches on the left (on all pages) to permit binding.

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It is a heavier weight paper with a watermark that will resist deterioration.In order to participate in Revocation and be certified for graduating with honors from the South Carolina Honors College, students are required to submit a final copy of the revised thesis project/paper (post-defense) to the Honors College.There are several guidelines to follow when submitting your thesis.The cost to bind is per copy, made payable with a check (made out to the USC Educational Foundation).You must submit all copies you wish to have bound on 25 percent or higher cotton bond paper in the format listed above.Most UNC-Chapel Hill theses and dissertations can be found in the online catalog.The Carolina Digital Repository also provides access to digital copies of theses and dissertations completed at UNC-Chapel Hill.You can assume that the NCC will probably have a copy of a UNC-Chapel Hill dissertation or thesis even if the catalogs do not reveal this.Davis Library has circulating copies of many theses and dissertations completed at UNC-Chapel Hill.The North Carolina Collection in Wilson Library has paper copies of MOST UNC Chapel Hill theses and dissertations, including many of those from Health Affairs, and also the only copies of some pre-1930 dissertations and theses.The NCC's copies do not circulate and are not in an area open for browsing.

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