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Once you are happy with the shadow its time to save out the logo/type image.You should turn off all image layers so that you only see your logo/type and shadow.In Photoshop you want to select Image/Trim You should now have a much tighter logo/type that still has the shadow present.You want to select File/Save For Web and Devices Once presented with the save dialog window you will want to set the following parameters for your file.However, the hardest thing for most users about Word Press is that your design is governed by the theme you select to use. Or if they are, you can only control a very narrow amount of? One of the tools that I use is Chris Pearson’s fantastic Thesis Word Press theme framework.Once all images are turned off and the only layer turned on is your logo/type you should see transparency behind the image.

It’s offers nearly infinite functionality for free! You can customize everything – all without knowing a bit of code!

In an effort to contribute back to both the Thesis and Word Press communities I have documented how to embed the Next-Gen Gallery plugin to your header, or banner image and place your logo above it.

This functionality allows you the ability to have your banner image change how you like it beneath your logo at the top of your website.

On the next screen you want to give your new gallery a name, in my case it was appropriately “header.” The next step is to upload the images you previously saved.

These are the background images, not the logo/type you saved.

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