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is a good source for obtaining a variety of free information; however, Wikipedia pages are not considered credible sources as they are open to be edited by anyone viewing them.Some authors on Wikipedia provide citations for their documents, but there can still be factual information with no citations.When performing internet research, the author must search for reputable sources such as and websites.Wikipedia is never a good source because virtually anyone can edit or contribute to a wiki.If one finds pertinent information in Wikipedia, he or she should scroll to the bottom of the web page and find the references listed there.The wanted information may be located in one of these sources.Developing a research paper may seem like a daunting task, but the adventure can be very rewarding.Research papers are typically five to 15 pages in length and include a thesis statement, support, and references.

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Using grammar software and being aware of editing practices is the writer's best defense against losing points for grammar and other mechanical mistakes.

The thesis statement, as with all thesis statements, should be precise and manageable.

The paper's format should follow the instructor's protocol.

You should NEVER cite Wikipedia in an academic paper.

Your teacher will think you are at best lazy and at worst an idiot if you do.

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