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Well the word says it all; sports medicine is the study and practice of medicine related to the science of sports in the areas of diagnosing and treating sports injuries, injury prevention, and athletic training that includes workouts or exercises and nutrition.

In other words, sports medicine is a field of medicine that concentrates exclusively on the injuries resulting from sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and other sports.

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It was introduced around the early Greek and Roman era when the first modern Olympic Games took place.Doctors have developed different tests for evaluating the degree and seriousness of injured shoulders.Some have also developed different phases a person must go through to properly rehabilitate the shoulder.- The higher education leader that I was able to interview is my supervisor, here, at Mercer University.Earlier this year, he was faced with an ethical situation involving one of the teams that the Sports Medicine staff covers.[tags: sports medicine] - Sports Medicine Shoulder Injuries Shoulder injuries are a very common injury that occurs in most sports.All injuries and the rehabilitation done to the injured shoulder are based on the anatomy and structures of the shoulder.The first of which is assumption of risk, where the athlete voluntarily and knowingly assumes the risk of an activity through an expressed or implied agreement.This can be done by having a form signed during pre-season paperwork.The athletes involved in these competitions/events are undertaken physical conditions that could affect their well-being for short and/or long periods of time.Some of these athletes are taught to be tough to go under pain and to avoid sitting out to not show weakness to the opponent.

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  1. Seeing them at work, and witnessing the help they gave to sick people to regain their health or cope with pain, made me decide that I wanted to be part of this fascinating profession...

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