Thesis Statement On Iraq

Conceptually, then, ISIS is not behaving in the way that one might expect a terrorist group to behave.Rather, ISIS is conducting itself as a rebel government that has the ambition of capturing more and more territory and eventually becoming the official government of all of Iraq and the Levant (as its name would indicate).

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After this, the essay will proceed to a discussion of the response of the United States to ISIS.

Finally, the essay will conclude with an evaluation of the moral and political implications of the conflict between ISIS and the United States.

ISIS is an acronym standing for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria; it is also sometimes know as ISIL, because sometimes "Syria" is replaced with the term "the Levant".

At this point in the discussion, it may be helpful to turn to a closer discussion of the ideology of ISIS. The premise of this new, narrow ideology was to reject traditional scholars, scholarship and practices under the guise of 'reviving the true tenets of Islam' and protecting the concept of monotheism" (paragraphs 4-5).

Ideologically, ISIS would seem to draw from the fundamentalist Islamic movement known as Wahhabism. The man at the center of this ideology was called Muhammed ibn Abd-al Wahhab.

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