Thesis Statement For Blood Imagery In Macbeth

In his famous tragedy Macbeth, Shakespeare uses blood imagery to symbolize the guilt of both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

Shakespeare wants to keep alive the ironical contrast between the wretched creature that Macbeth really is and the disguises he The popular quote stating that a picture is worth a thousand words applies perfectly to imagery in William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth.The theme of the play is never give into evil because it destroys no matter what the benefits are.Blood Imagery is very important in the play; it shows Macbeth's evil ambition in the beginning, middle, and end of the play.As he becomes increasingly paranoid, Macbeth uses violent means to eliminate threats to his Scottish throne.As the play progresses, blood continuously plays a part in the events as the murders become more frequent.In the beginning of the play, blood imagery is very important."Till he unseamed him from the nave to the chaps, / and fixed his head upon our battlements"(22-23).Seeing as how the play Macbeth is classified as a tragedy, it is no surprise that blood is the dominant in red and black. 105) This red and black spectacle reveals itself to the reader and audience through the use of blood imagery.Blood, or the imagery attached to it, appears 42 times in this play.Imagery, the art of making images, the products of imagination.In the play 'Macbeth' Shakespeare applies the imagery of clothing, darkness and .

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