Thesis Statement Electric Cars

This is a trillion-dollar problem, and it's too important -- both for our tech-driven society and for many companies' bottom lines -- for a solution not to be found. Tesla's proprietary charger can add 58 miles of range to its batteries for every hour of charging time, so fully recharging the Model S would take about four and a half hours.That's way too long to wait if you've got somewhere to be EVs aren't the ideal vehicle for someone who must drive hundreds of miles each day, but there aren't many people who would actually run into this limitation.Electric cars have been around for more than a century, and optimists have predicted their dominance for nearly as long. Over time, many of the core drawbacks of EVs could be eliminated entirely. These figures are a lot more impressive than the 1,117 EV1s GM produced before shutting that project down, but battery-only electrics and plug-in hybrids combined still represent less than one-half of 1% of all American vehicle sales since the start of 2011. They do come with certain drawbacks, and many skeptics have argued that these drawbacks will hold back EV adoption for many years, if not permanently. The technology is improving all the time, with every little breakthrough and every marginal gain.Since virtually every plug-in vehicle is eligible for at least ,500 in tax credits (the credit tops out at ,500 and grows based on the vehicle's battery capacity), 10 of the 15 new EVs available to American consumers are actually cheaper than the average gas-burning new car.Most Americans can't buy a new Tesla, but most Americans can't buy a new Maserati, either.

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Even today, it would take about in gas to drive the average car 100 miles.

GM unveiled a concept EV called the Chevrolet Bolt at January's International Auto Show that's capable of driving for more than 200 miles without a recharge.

It's expected to cost less than half the ,000 price of Tesla's entry-level 60-k Wh Model S -- which only boasts a 200-mile range because of its smaller battery pack -- when it goes on sale in 2017.

This argument relies on one study conducted at North Carolina State University, which claims that EVs and hybrid vehicles wouldn't reduce America's polluting air emissions even if EVs and hybrids made up 42% of all passenger vehicles in the country.

The study claims that the lack of direct emissions from EVs would be offset by increased emissions from power plants that generate the electricity necessary to power them.

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