Thesis Statement Braveheart

The witches – four, not three – appear on the battlefield at the start.They are still and impassive in the midst of the mayhem, more like soothsayers than malevolent hags.

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It taps into aspects of human psychology which are difficult to accept, such as the possibility that blood feuds satisfy some deep impulse in our nature.

At the end of Kurzel’s film, the sky turns orange with a fire storm as Great Birnam wood burns. It looks like the burning oil wells of the Gulf war.

Braveheart is a 1925 American silent contemporary western film directed by Alan Hale Sr. The story focuses on members of a tribe of Indians who are being intimidated by the owners of a canning company seeking to violate a treaty protecting the tribe's fishing grounds.

Macbeth is like a force-field rather than a conventional play, a ley-line between rationality and superstition.

Allegedly cursed, it carries a charge of pure evil.

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