Thesis Remove Trackbacks

You can easily do that by editing the post and going to Screen Options Discussion and then unchecking the ‘Allow comments’ option.

Disqus is a highly popular comment management system.

An advantage of using this plugin is the auto comments backup feature.Other customization options include choosing the colour scheme, number of comments to display, comment box width, title, display comment count, etc.The plugin is available in lots of different languages.The plugin will check for spam comments in the registration form, contact, comments and custom comment forms.You can enable or disable any of these forms separately.Therefore, the comments will remain in place even if you move your website to a new host or change the database.The nicely designed threaded comments and replies will encourage visitors to engage in the conversation.Disqus users can comment on any website which has Disqus commenting enabled.This plugin allows you to add Disqus commenting in your Word Press site.Once you disable commenting on a specific post type, the comment relevant options will be removed from the quick edit section and the other sections.However, if you are looking for a solution to disable commenting only on a single post, you don’t need a plugin.

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