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Launch Photo Gallery The Three-Dimensional Design studio introduces students to the fundamentals of object making in form and space.

Launch Photo Gallery In this course students are introduced to typography, considering the craft in terms of its history and application with a focus on its use as a communication tool. Launch Photo Gallery Color Design focuses on the meaning of color and its use as an effective graphic design communication tool.Launch Photo Gallery Basic Photography introduces students to photography as an art form with emphasis on the technical and conceptual concerns of the medium.Students will learn how to use a 35mm film camera, how to develop…Students study other photographers working in this manner and work on their own projects…Launch Photo Gallery In the advanced photography course, students are introduced to advanced practices in black-and-white darkroom photography.Launch Photo Gallery In the foundation drawing studio, students learn the principles of observational and conceptual visualization.Projects offer practice in still-life, landscape, and human figure drawing while placing emphasis on graphic exploration and analysis using line,…Students gain a greater understanding of the role of non-verbal communications in graphic design through series of projects. Launch Photo Gallery In Prepress Production Techniques, students explore studio techniques related to production problems in the graphic design profession.Topics include page layout, font and image file management, color, papers, printing techniques, finishing and binding methods….Students are expected to write an articulate proposal outlining…Launch Photo Gallery Special Topics in Photography presents the opportunity for advanced studio work in a predetermined area of specialization.

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