Thesis Papers On The Catcher In The Rye Literature Review Article Example

Conclusion The number of main points and support you have for each point will vary depending on your topic and the assignment parameters, of course.In the introduction, you’ll want to jot down how you plan to get your readers interested. Your hook could be a rhetorical question, a relevant quote from the book, or anything else that would grab the reader’s attention.This aspiration of the young man manifests his desire to help the innocent.He believes that one can find purity only in a small innocent child.He continues to bail others out, at the same time failing to understand that he is the one who actually needs to be saved. you’re running out of time to start writing your Catcher in the Rye essay, but you still have a chance to make it amazing.

When one day Phoebe inquires Holden what he would like to do, he replies that most of all he wants to become a “catcher in the rye” to save children from falling off the cliff.If a girl tells him that he is going too far, he stops because he gets to “feeling sorry for them.” Even when Holden meets a prostitute, he feels sorry for her as well, and a sexual intercourse between them does not happen.By his actions, Holden seems to be trying to save girls’ sexual purity.While Holden manages to rescue others, he fails to rescue himself.One of the examples when Holden shows his care for others is his respect for women.He tells about several days of his life and shows his attitude to others.There is a subtle but a significant pattern an attentive reader can notice.When she claims that she is going to quit her school, he convinces her that she must not do it.Considering the fact that Holden has already ruined his own life by quitting the school, he cannot let Phoebe do the same thing. Salinger in 1951, is one of the greatest pieces of American literature.Its main themes are teenage alienation and angst, as well as the issues of identity, connection, belonging, loss, purity, and innocence.

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