Thesis On Wlan Security

Wireless has also provided a host of new services just within the past two decades.

First there was the transmission of exact time over radio waves, then the ability to determine where you were to within a few meters, anywhere on the globe, via the global positioning system (GPS).

The research results showed that among the three security protocols tested; WEP, WPA, and WPA2, the WPA protocol has the best results for network performance except for data throughput.

In the case of IP protocols, IPv6 has better performance compared to IPv4 in 802.11ac, whereas UDP and TCP protocol does not have significant influences over network performance for 802.11ac.

Moreover, this research has used the IPv4 as well as IPv6, with TCP/UDP packet types.

The collected data has been analysed in order to answer the research questions in chapter four.

I talk on my cordless phone, transmit music to my headphones wirelessly, and give presentations using a wireless microphone.

I send music from my PC to my stereo system wirelessly.

I control all my multimedia systems with wireless remote controls.The metrics that were used to measure network performance included throughput, round trip time (RTT), and CPU utilization.The results from the testing showed that the data throughput values in the open system were higher comparable to secured systems.The most effective and elegant architecture for implementing this capability thus far is a wide-area mesh network that allows: In the past quarter century, advances in wireless technology have unleashed a seemingly insatiable demand for mass-market peer-to-peer voice communication: Consider the citizen-band radio craze, the walkie-talkie market, the interconnection between radios and the public telephone system, and the incredible proliferation of cellular phones.This huge demand has precipitated a compelling impetus for improving wireless systems.The research involved an experiment that consisted of two PCs with Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 operating systems and one AP (Access Point).The performance was evaluated through the application of four different test cases.In the first test scenario, the standard network was configured with no security protocol enabled, which is known as open system.The other three test cases consisted of standard networks with security protocols enabled in each stage as WEP, WPA, and WPA2 respectively.However, the results demonstrated that the performance of throughput degraded while security protocols were enabled.Similarly, RTT values were also increased after enabling the security protocols.

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