Thesis On Traditional Birth Attendants

In 2007 a partnership initiative was put forward by involving village midwives and traditional birth attendants through the 'Improving Maternal Health in Indonesia' program [21].Under this scheme the midwives and traditional birth attendants were expected to work together.The Desa Siaga (village alert) program embraces the safe motherhood concepts through including community support for pregnant mothers by arranging transport, funds, and access to blood donations.This scheme helps those who have limited financial resources to access health professionals' services through a communal financing mechanism, such as the pregnant mother saving scheme or Tabulin (Tabungan Ibu Bersalin), and the social funds for pregnant women or Dasolin (Dana Sosial Ibu Bersalin) [20].A comprehensive strategy to increase the availability, accessibility, and affordability of delivery care services should be considered in these West Java areas.

A qualitative study using focus group discussions (FGDs) and in-depth interviews was conducted in six villages of three districts in West Java Province from March to July 2009.

Between 1970 and the early 1990s, health personnel were employed in the public sector, and with the implementation of the contract scheme, doctors and midwives, not including nurses, worked for a prescribed time period of around three years for the government and then proceeded to either a private practice or a specialist training [18].

It has been observed that the distinction between private and public clinical practice in Indonesia remains unclear [19].

The traditional birth attendants could continue to provide services including herbal drinks or post-delivery care, whereas all medical treatment was to be provided by midwives [21].

The Indonesian government committed to providing universal health insurance through a mandatory public health insurance scheme called the Health Insurance for the Poor Population or Asuransi Kesehatan Masyarakat Miskin (Askeskin), as the initial phase of universal coverage in 2004 [22, 23].

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