Thesis On Thermophiles

Characterisation of this culture indicated the presence of two organisms essential for efficient growth under air: a typical S.thermosulfidooxidans group organism (isolate ICH), and a strain TH3 group organism (isolate ICP).

Fungi capable of growing at elevated temperatures are classified into thermophilic and thermotolerant groups.

This culture gave consistently better mineral dissolution rates than the mesophilic culture, clearly indicating their immediate commercial potential.

In comparison the extremely thermophilic culture often produced faster rates of mineral dissolution than the moderately thermophilic culture, but appeared sensitive to agitation at high mineral pulp densities (10% (w/v)), limiting any present commercial applications of these organisms.

Only when a mixed culture of strain ICP and strain ICH was grown did extensive oxidation occur.

A comparative mineral leaching study, with a mesophilic, a moderately thermophilic, and an extremely thermophilic culture indicated that the moderately thermophilic culture was the most robust during the dissolution of a range of minerals.

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